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Gas and Water Infrastructure Services

We offer the following services:

Natural Gas, Design, Engineering Consultancy, Construction, Commissioning.

Natural Gas infrastructure work forms the core of our activities and we can complete all stages of the works from the design, planning and installation of any gas service up to 7bar (intermediate pressure) up to and including its adoption by the GT.

Our contracting activities encompass all works associated with buried gas systems such as Civil Engineering, Installation and Connections.

Ancillary equipment such as Governors, Chatter-Boxes, Meters with associated Civil Engineering and Housings are also designed and installed as part of a turn-key package.

Morland Utilities' Design Team is led by a Chartered Engineer with many years experience in the design of a variety of gas mains and services across all Gas Tiers up to 7Bar.

Both Inlet and Outlet Mains and Services are catered for - our GIRS registration covering Inlet work and our Gas Safe Register (formerly CORGI) covering the Outlet work.

Our Team Leaders and Team Mates hold relevant and current qualifications for gas installation works including general civil engineering works and highway reinstatement. Supervision also includes SCO Registration with Gas Transporters (GT's) for management of connections on-site.

LPG, Design, Engineering Consultancy, Construction, Commissioning.

LPG installations are an integral part of the business and pass through all stages from the design, planning and through to installation.

LPG systems are installed under our Gas Safe Register (formerly CORGI) and our Teams hold the relevant qualifications for LPG installation works with general civil engineering works.

Water, Engineering Consultancy, Construction, Commissioning.

Our Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) accreditation allows us to lay Mains and Services to the required standard for adoption by the Water Authorities, who will make the final connection to the main supply. For Public owned Water Infrastructure currently all Water Authorities in the UK complete the final water connection on to their own mains.

As part of our water installation work we offer a full, testing, swabbing, cleaning and chlorination service of the newly installed pipes - including the sampling and testing for water to verify that it is potable.

Our Team Leaders and Team Mates hold the relevant and current qualifications for water installation works.

Telecom and Electrical Infrastructure Installation, as part of Gas and Water Installations

To complement our Gas and Water installation works we offer clients the installation of Telecom Infrastructure. This includes the installation of Duct, Box and Draw Cords to the required standard either 'Supply and Installation' or 'Installation of free-Issue Materials'.


Ultimately for our client we believe that Multi-Utility offers a real benefit in both the economics of the works and the programme and progress of works on site. By using our Teams that hold both Gas and Water Qualifications we can offer an efficient service using common excavations and reducing the time on site. Organisation is also easier with only one point of communication for the utilities installation rather than usually having separate installers on site. Multi-Utility can include a combination of Gas, Water, Telecom and Electrical Duct works with associated Civil Engineering and Minor Builders Works.

Trenchless Technologies

We use modern trenchless technologies during the installation of utilities that gives key benefits to our clients and those who may be influenced by the installation.

The key advantages offered to clients here are: -

Under-Pressure Connections/ Fast-cut Drill Service

We are pleased to offer our clients an Under-pressure (fast-cut) Drilling Service, which can offer significant advantages when working to tight timescales - particularly when excavations are in highway sensitive areas.

The Fast Cut Drill can be used upon PE and HDPE pipe and is available in most sizes of usual parent main and of-take/branch sizes.

Significant advantages include smaller excavations particularly with larger diameter pipe sizes in comparison with the larger excavation sizes required for Insert Tees and associated squeeze-offs.

Besides the lower civil engineering costs, being able to reduce the time needed for traffic management and highway closures will be of great appeal to both our Clients and the Highway Authorities.

Morland Utilities is only one of a handful of companies to hold GIRS approval for this type of work and we have made significant investment in training and equipment for our teams.

The Fast Cut Drilling services offered:

As part of our normal Gas and Water installation practice passing on the economic and practical benefits of the Fast Cut Drill to our Client.

As a Stand-alone solution to Clients and Contractors independent of Gas or Water installation services we offer:

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Natural Gas, LPG, Water & Telecom Infrastructure Installation

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